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vismund cygnus

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[Oct. 27th, 2005|10:22 am]
vismund cygnus

well hello there, livejournal. i haven't sat down like this to actually write an entry in quite a while.

so, i'm sitting at school, in the computer lab. i usually would have a class right now, but i woke up late, and i had to decide between being in class on time or making myself a lunch. of course, i chose the lunch. but that took me long enough so that i just decided to skip the class altogether.

my point in writing this entry was to talk about the one person with whom i am sharing this computer lab. i walked in to find him just sitting at his computer, with the novell logon screen still on his monitor (which reads: press crtl + alt + delete to log in). since i've been here, he hasn't done anything. i mean really, nothing. he's adjusted his chair a few too many times, took out a notebook and looked at it, and switched to a different computer.

i was toying with the idea that he didn't know how to log on, but now the fact that four more middle aged people have entered the lab has revealed to me the fact that he must be in the class that comes into the lab next, which, as the schedule on the door revealed to me, is an "excel tips and tricks" class. this might also mean i have to leave soon.

it strikes me what a diversity of ages there is at my community college, ranging from juniors in high school to people in their 40's or 50's who are finishing up a degree or just deciding to go back to school. i don't actually like how many high school kids i have in a lot of my classes, because it brings back too much of the stigma of high school, that is, the self-conscious and "i'm too cool to learn or be interested in something as stupid as ."