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i like song lyrics. [May. 3rd, 2006|01:38 pm]
vismund cygnus

so. i haven't written in here in a while. i abandoned livejournal for the myspace craze. but then i deleted my account. it's amazing how much time i could waste.

but i digress. the new thursday cd came out yesterday, and i love it. i've felt especially amazed by lyrics lately. i am lamenting my lack of recording devices.

thursday - at this velocity

we were safe
now we're paralyzed
suspended in flight
at this speed in makes no difference
where i start and where you end
or if you sit in an emergency aisle

we could be dead
complete the equation:
our names are x and n
we have no value in this calculations

thursday - the lovesong writer

sitting alone in the dark of the stadium, he whispers his secrets into a cheap guitar
with a flick of his wrist he turns words into melodies, chords into church bells that fill up the alleys
where lovers entwine in the heat of the night and by dawn are apart in the shivering silences

he stumbles through syllables
cut from their sentences
lost letters call to him
deep in the alphabet
"please give us meaning."

thursday - into the blinding light

we stare into the blinding light
to see what's between us
it's red and it's white
like lies, like lipstick on last look goodbyes
the substance assimilating to watch the bodies burst into a string of lights, when there's nothing left the party crashes
and the rings come out from all the jacket pockets into the blinding light

the fire is dying out
there's nothing left to burn except for ourselves, the cinema speaks as you take off your clothes
and burst in dissimilation, just let your body burst into a streak of light
when there's nothing left, the wedding crashes and the rings fall off, roll out the bedroom window
into the blinding light

white night coming down
silent armies all around
deep sleep covering
enemies in clean white sheets

(the sky went off-white, it snowed for fourteen years, the sunlight splintered into all our darkest fears)

[User Picture]From: paro
2006-05-04 06:06 pm (UTC)

Re: myspacedeath79

i think it's under the "edit your account" link. but i'm pretty sure once you get to the page there's a big button that says "click here to delete your account." then they have all these warning pages saying "you're about to delete your account!"

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