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vismund cygnus

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a few good g-men. [Jul. 16th, 2005|03:34 pm]
vismund cygnus

at the risk of making known my nerdiness, i thought this movie was post-worthy. it was made using the source engine, which is the same engine used in the game half-life 2. the detail on textures and the facial expressions in this game are absolutely amazing, and while the file quality doesn't quite do that justice, i still think it's a pretty crazy video. apparently the engine does the lip-syncing automatically. keep in mind too, that this isn't rendered.. it's done real time and just recorded.

note: right click on the picture and save-as to download the movie to your hard drive.

also, today while i was in a restroom at target, i noticed that, on the stall next to all the usual profanities, someone had scratched "who is john galt?" it made me smile.
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i'm no electric monk or jdbartlett, but... [Jun. 15th, 2005|02:29 pm]
vismund cygnus
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

i think that i should just stop reading reviews for records or live shows. i tell myself i seek them out just to see what people think of the album or show in general, but really i think that i do it so i can read a review that parallel to what i think.

invariably, then, i always manage to find a review which makes me really angry because the writer seems to have missed the point of the music entirely, or simply because he or she is a complete idiot. but then i think about all the times i've bashed other music in the same way (although never in an actual review) and i realize a lot of times i'm no better.

i remember seeing someone comment on livejournal that he got upset when he saw his own negative qualities displayed in others, and that when he was around sincere people, he felt cynical, and when he was around cynical people, he felt sincere. i totally agree with that statement. if the writer of that comment is reading this, please forgive me if i misquoted or misapplied your words.

i bring this up because when i see people being so snotty about music (especially elitists.. the ones who complain about the "kiddies" being at their shows because they don't understand the music in the right way, or they're not worthy, etc.), i find myself getting indignant. i feel like saying "get over it, it's just music." i still feel that way a lot of times, but i feel dumb when i realize that i'm sure i come across that way (snotty and elitist) to a lot of people as well, though i certainly hope not as disrespectfully.

i don't really have a big point or revelation to bring out on this subject, i just think it's interesting. i'm sure i've written about this plenty of times. i was talking to a friend of mine from owatonna yesterday about music in general, and what an amazing concept it is. we came to the obvious conclusion that it is a gift from jehovah. he could easily have created us without the ability to speak in different tones, or to hear only one tone, and we could've communicated just fine. instead we have been given ears that can differentiate different tones, and minds that can create those tones using various instruments.

this brings about a lot of other questions too, though. such as, what makes certain music beautiful? or what makes songs played in a minor key sound evil or sad? what dictates a person's musical taste? this last question can be answered by the "nurture" concept, but i think only to a certain extent. david, the friend with whom i was discussing this, is an absolutely amazing piano player, and has always love classical music and opera. on the other hand, while always appreciating classical music, i have leaned towards (to use very, very broad genres) rock and folk music and the like. what causes his brain to appreciate epic orchestras and symphonies, while mine finds noisy, intricate guitars or odd time signatures to be sweet? i know a lot of people would say that's what we have been exposed to, but haven't we also been exposed to a lot of other things that we ended up not liking?

oh man. thank you for the human brain.
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2005|11:19 pm]
vismund cygnus

so i just uploaded this song to one of my two myspace accounts. it's just me on acoustic (though there are two guitar parts). i'm going to add vocals eventually, but i really just wanted to upload it so that i could feel sweet about having some solo stuff online.

i was a little too lazy to do much in the way of extensive mixing, so it's by no means perfect. tell me what you think.
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2005|11:38 am]
vismund cygnus

sweet! a fail-safe excuse note for the star wars premiere!
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2005|09:25 am]
vismund cygnus

my truck wouldn't start this morning. dead battery. i turned the key, it made its usual beeping noise, telling me to put my seatbelt on, i turned it a step further, to start, and it died. the sound reminded me of the millenium falcon failing to go into lightspeed. i had no choice but to miss my 8:00 class and ride with my mom into town.

this reminds me of something that i've been thinking about recently. whenever i talk about my vehicle, i always feel somewhat stupid for having to say "my truck." this is probably because i have known people who only talked about their trucks, and their plans to put a six-inch lift on it, get loud pipes, and get a trailer to carry all their "quads." when i first started driving my pickup a while ago, i really hated driving it, because i was afraid that people would mistake me for the stereotypical pickup driver.

lately, though, i really enjoy driving my pickup. even though it's like driving a tank, and i get horrid gas mileage, and i can't pull a u-turn unless i have four lanes in which to do it. and i find myself seriously admiring other pickups. like the new F-150's. hot. i think it's pretty funny that part of me actually resisted admiring other trucks.

right.. so i don't have anywhere else to go with this. i suppose my question is this: am i the only one that does this?

in other news, i'm reading the book pattern recognition, by william gibson. he is the same author that wrote neuromancer, which i haven't read, but have been told is quite groundbreaking. pattern recognition is really good so far... it manages to capture the feel of the internet age really well, and has a very interesting plot.
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third century theologians. ugh. [Apr. 20th, 2005|10:30 am]
vismund cygnus

so my school year is almost over. a couple of my classes will end right when may starts, but a couple go through until the end of the semester (which is may 10th or something).

meanwhile, i don't remember ever being this stressed. i mean, sure, i've alawys had homework to do, and somehow i always managed to not do it until i had to. but it never stressed me out really, until now. in my class "writing from library sources" we are working on a research paper. it has to be at least eight pages. preferably ten. ugh. i picked the topic of the trinity because i figured i could get a lot of information. i've got about five pages written so far, and the rough draft is due tomorrow. three of those pages are on the council of nicaea, which is at least somewhat interesting. but any of the council's after that are pretty much just "remove heresy from the church. pass some creeds on easter." it's pretty awesome that one of the awakes for april is on the trinity though. i'm just having trouble figuring out what i'm going to talk about in the rest of the paper.

i'm sure i'll do fine. to add to it all though i had to write another paper for my other english class yesterday. i wrote for probably about 5 hours total. so basically, this is where you feel sorry for me, even though it's really not all that bad. it's not like it's taking up too much of my time, it's just that it's mentally exhausting.

i'm looking forward to the hitchhikers movie on the 29th. and also episode III in may. speaking of which, this article is pretty good. funny and entertaining.
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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2005|04:48 pm]
vismund cygnus

Friday, June 10
Main Room 8:00 PM / All Ages
$10.00 advance
$12.00 door

oh man. i am excited. though it will be somewhat different seeing them at first ave. i've always seen them at the triple rock. it's extra sweet that they're playing with the plot to blow up the eiffel tower, as opposed to some crappy hardcore bands.

why do all the good bands play concerts within a 2 month span? bright eyes, the mars volta, iron and wine. i'm going to be poor soon.
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an old, old wooden ship, from the civil war era. [Mar. 18th, 2005|11:48 am]
vismund cygnus
[music |murder by death]

there is a lot of snow outside. i hear that up towards the twin cities it's not as bad.. but here we've got about 6 inches (at least) and it's still snowing very, very hard. when i look out the window, i can't see much past our turn-around. i like it, but i think this is one of the first times that the snow has kind of destroyed my plans for the day, and that i've actually been disappointed.

oh well, when in rome, as they say.

my parents recently traded one of our vehicles for a different, more practical one. i convinced my mom to drive it to the meeting last night, and what happened? we hit a deer. of course. as she slammed on the brakes and i realized that we were going to hit it, i let out a "nooo!" because the irony was just too much. all is well though, not much damage. the bumper got pushed in a little, so that the fender was touching the tire. it's fine now, and luckily the deer just rolled forward, and didn't come up into the windshield.

i sit and marvel sometimes at the fact that everything about this earth (when i say everything i mean the physical features of it) is beautiful, and designed to be that way. i love the fact that jehovah created precipitation and weather to be functional and yet so beautiful. sometimes when i am enjoying a scene, i like to think about the fact that everything that strikes me as pleasant or gorgeous was designed to be so.

sometimes there's nothing so wonderful as sitting and watching the snow fall outside.
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2005|03:58 pm]
vismund cygnus

josh and i have been going soulseek crazy as of late. i love getting new music. my cd collection was staying the same for such a long time, and i was tiring even of bands that i love. then a friend of mine from school gave me a cd case with about 30 cd's of bands that i'd never heard, and told me to burn away. sweet.

this kid is kind of funny. his favorite band is sigur ros, and he loves godspeed and all those types of bands, but in among the cd's he let me borrow was a bunch of screamo and, i kid you not, metal. and i don't mean nu-metal or anything like that, this was straight up metal. gross.

i don't know why, but i have this love of sharing bands with people, because it's so great to tell someone about a band and then have them love the band as much as you do. so basically the purpose of this entry was to just tell about some of the sweet bands i've been listening to as of late. i recommend them to all, but a couple might not be everyone's cup of tea.

the building press
saetia (if you can stand some screaming you'll be rewarded with some amazing and technical music.)
unwed sailor
the murder of rosa luxemburg
volta do mar

it never fails to amaze me that there's so many good bands that are out there. most of these bands i was either told about or i read about in a magazine. it's so frustrating though to go to cheapo or wherever and know that i am flipping by some really sweet band.
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2005|01:03 pm]
vismund cygnus

so i haven't written in here in a while. i mean sure i've updated, but i haven't written something in a long time. i remember before, when i first got this thing, i would write only with the goal of having people comment, which seems somewhat stupid to me now. but really, what other purpose is there in writing in a journal that's open to the public? we all obviously want people to read and respond to what we write, or else we would put all of our entries as private, or we'd just write in a normal notebook.

i'm not saying that we're all egotistical and narcissistic. i just think it's interesting, that's all.

so anyway. i've been writing a lot lately. i had a freshman english class last semester, and we wrote probably 5 or 6 essays in that class, not to mention a few small writing assignments in between. and this semester i have the same teacher for two classes, both english related: modern literature and writing from library sources. i really like modern literature so far... we've read stories by kafka and james joyce, and written probably 4 essays already.

it's funny, because when i sit down and write these essays, i don't ever use an outline, and i don't ever type a rough draft. i just type, cite my pages, and proofread as i go along. when i'm finished, i print it out and don't look at it. if i look at it i start to get worried that it's not very good, even though i'm often too lazy (or just lacking the time) to revise it at all. then the funny thing is... the teacher always loves it. in one case, she read my paper on james joyce's "an encounter" aloud to the class. it was a little weird.
i think that writing because i have to is actually good for me. it uses those parts of my brain associated with writing even when i may not be especially inspired.

speaking of which, james joyce is pretty good. i highly recommend dubliners. his style of writing takes a bit to get used to, as does dissecting virtually every sentence. it's rewarding, though. i've been considering reading ulysses, but i think i'd like to keep my head from exploding. for the time being, at least.
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